Upload List of Students
It is preferable to upload a list of students if you intend to enrol a lot of students into your EMIS account. To do that, you will need to format the list of students according to the a pre-specified format. Uploads will be done using the Excel Format.
To Upload List of Students:
    Click Students in the main navigation then click Students from the Students sub-menu
    Click Upload List to display the Upload List page
    Click the Download Sample Template to download the required Excel Format Template for upload. Once downloaded, open the file to reveal an Excel Worksheet. Use the template to complete the list of your students.
4. The sample template has two demo records as an example. Use the format to complete your list of students.
Please remember to remove the two sample records before uploading.
Please leave the emisid field on the excel file blank
5. Save the Excel file head back to the page on EMIS.
6. Click the box for uploads to display the File Upload dialog box. Nagivate to the saved Excel file on your system and select it and click open.
7. When the file is uploaded, a preview of your upload will display. The first column in the preview is titled error. Any record with an error will not be uploaded. At this point you can click close to cancel the upload or click continue to continue with the upload.
8. Click continue to upload the records. The system will upload the records and automatically assign EMIS Ids to the uploaded records and then display an updated list of students in your school.
Last modified 2yr ago
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