Printing Marks and Attendance Sheet
Marks and Attendance sheet is used for taking attendance during any examination that has been registered for. It contains the list of registered candidates for the examination, including their EMIS ID
The marks and attendance sheet is meant to be printed by the school admin and used during the examination. It should be printed according to the subjects.

To Print Marks and Attendance Sheet

    Click Examinations and from the examinations menu click Marks & Attendance Sheet. This will display the Marks and Attendance Sheet page.
    On the Marks and Attendance Sheet page, select the Examination name and wait for the Subjects List to be populated.
    Select the Subject you want to print for.
    Click the View Button. The Marks and Attendance List will display.
    On the Marks and Attendance List, locate the print button and click the Print Button.
Do not click the Print menu on the browser or Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard. Use the Print Button on the List displayed.
    Depending on the browser, the print dialog box will display. You can then print.
Please change the Layout of your print to Landscape. You can also change the paper size to A4.
Last modified 2yr ago