Adding Students
After successfully updating your profile, kindly refresh your page and you will have full access to the system. This will increase the number of links on your main navigation area.
As stated earlier, in course of registering your school, your school was assigned an EMIS ID. All students in your schools should be uploaded to EMIS in order for them to be assigned their EMIS IDs and for them to take full advantage of the services provided by the system.
Your students can be added in three different ways on EMIS – Adding new Students, adding existing students (students with EMIS IDs) and through uploads.
To Add a New Student:
    Click Students in the main navigation then click Students from the Students sub-menu.
    Click Add New to display the Add New Student Form.
    Complete the form with the details of the student.
4. Click the submit button.
Note that the Add New function will add a new student to your school and will automatically generate a new EMIS ID for the student. Ensure that the student has not been previously enrolled into EMIS and as such does not already possess an EMIS ID. Please use the Add Existing if the student has been enrolled into EMIS. and already has an EMIS ID
Last modified 2yr ago
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