Registering Students for Examinations
One key feature of EMIS is examination administration and management. This feature allows schools to register their students for state examinations with ease. Registration for examination on EMIS requires online payment (if the registration requires payment). That means, you need to have a bank account (with the option of a debit or credit card).
Ensure that the records of students in your students list are complete. Ensure that the compulsory fields - sex, date of birth, LGA, State of Origin and student level are complete for the students. Students will NOT be registered if any of these fields are absent in the student's record
To register for examination:
  1. 1.
    Click Examinations and click Registrations from the Examinations sub-menu. This will display the Exam Registrations page. The Exams Registrations page will display a list of students that have registered for of the examinations in the current session.
2. Click Register New to register students. This will display the Register New page.
3. From the Register New page select the examination from the Examinations dropdown list.
4. Select the session.
5. Click Start. The list of students in your school eligible for that examination will display. Notice that the list has checkboxes for each student record.
6. Click the students you want to register for the examination. You can click Select All to automatically select all the students in that list. You can also click Deselect All to unselect all the selected students in the list.
7. Click Register and confirm that you want to register the students. A payments page will display showing you the summary of the amount required for the registration.
8. Click Pay. A payment page will display.
9. Enter your card details if you intend to use a debit card. Click bank if you want to do a bank transfer. Bank transfers can be done without the use of debit cards. Following the instructions carefully.
10. If payment is successful, a receipt of payment will display. Click Print Receipt to print the receipt. You should have a printer connected to your computer if you must print.
11. Click continue. This will display an updated list of students who have registered for examinations in the session, including the newly registered students.
12. To print their examination slips, click the Printer Icon against the student in the Actions column to display their examination slip. Click Print to print the slip.
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